Peel and Reveal Labels

Peel and Reveal Labels

Peel and reveal labels are a type of packaging label that requires the consumer to peel off a portion of the label to reveal additional information or a unique code underneath. These labels are commonly used in consumer packaged goods, particularly in the food and beverage industry, as a way to offer additional information or promotions to customers.

Some common industries that use peel and reveal labels include:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Cosmetics and Personal Care
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Tobacco

Pros and Cons of Peel and Reveal Labels

Benefits of peel and reveal labels include:

  • Ability to add extra information without increasing the size of the packaging
  • Providing an interactive experience for the consumer
  • Ability to offer promotions or discounts to customers
  • An effective way to track consumer engagement and product sales

Drawbacks of peel and reveal labels include:

  • Potential for the label to be peeled off before purchase
  • The need for a secondary layer of adhesive, making the label more expensive to produce
  • Difficulty in printing certain designs on the second layer of the label
  • The potential for consumers to discard the peeled portion of the label, leading to loss of information or potential promotion.

We Are Peel and Reveal Label Experts!

At Print Source Graphics we ensure that your custom peel and reveal labels effectively communicate your message AND effectively promote your brand or product AND meet the specific requirements for your application and industry. For multifaceted labels like peel and reveal you can’t trust just anyone. With our years of industry experience, we can help create your custom peel and reveal labels from scratch and reproduce the labels you need the right way, every time.

Peel and Reveal Labels

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